tr3nx - 5 days ago

>i googled it rolf

Exegesis - 6 days ago

the smoke genade is real do i googled it

Exegesis - 6 days ago

no and im sure some of them do kill you

Rob Wilco - 1 week ago

Lol I wondered the same about the smoke grenade how-to's.

TheShaft - 1 week ago

Exegesis - 1 week ago


Exegesis - 1 week ago

holy hell

tr3nx - 1 week ago

Is this a troll picture where the labels are wrong and these actually kill you?

Exegesis - 1 week ago

why have we not been useing this

Larry - 3 weeks ago

Sometimes I think this stuff isn't accidental. Something like this is going to be in history books and children will see that the american flag was upside down.

Larry - 3 weeks ago


tr3nx - 3 weeks ago

>black guy holding the sign

Larry - 3 weeks ago As a matter of record for this haul