tr3nx - 13 hours ago


Larry - 1 day ago

Then I built a base and dan logged off. So I built this pin. It took a shit ton of stone and I didn't want to dick around and get more because it would have taken forever.

Larry - 1 day ago

We got raided and everyone got off. I saved the T-rex and Cody's frog with the help of Dan.

tr3nx - 6 days ago

tr3nx - 1 week ago

When did arma4 come out?

Larry - 2 weeks ago

Is there any context for this?

Larry - 2 weeks ago

This is good.

tr3nx - 2 weeks ago

Does that say 2018?

Larry - 3 weeks ago

Shit's changed a lot in a year.

tr3nx - 1 month ago


Exegesis - 1 month ago


Exegesis - 1 month ago

i just LMFAO\

Larry - 1 month ago

Glad I watched all the way to the end hahaha