tr3nx - 6 days ago

japan is so weird

Rob Wilco - 1 week ago

Halal is the opposite of haram - permitted :)

Larry - 1 week ago

I think they're confusing rape with getting their feelings hurt. I'd love to see someone falsely accused of rape have to testify about how he called her friend a slut.

Larry - 1 week ago

I think the word you were looking for was 'haram'

Larry - 1 week ago

The sound track really made this what it is. That is hilarious!

tr3nx - 1 week ago

noooo way

Larry - 1 week ago

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I cried when I read this story of this brave xerson. I will make sure to open my eyes to xeople like xim or xer!

Rob Wilco - 2 weeks ago

I'm glad there is a webm version it looks better than the gif

tr3nx - 2 weeks ago

fuck ya'll Im on mars

Larry - 2 weeks ago