Larry - 5 hours ago

kind of creeped out

Rob Wilco - 17 hours ago

Larry - 19 hours ago

TheShaft - 1 day ago

tr3nx - 1 day ago

Larry - 5 days ago

Do you remember Vera Lynn?

Rob Wilco - 5 days ago

This is the end of Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick

Larry - 6 days ago

I think it's funny that it just so happens to be waldo county.

tr3nx - 6 days ago

Saw this reposted with the filename of "Dog trained to find woman"

TheShaft - 6 days ago

I'm sure it's that intellectual searches are the ones folks are most hesitant about typing into the Google machine.

tr3nx - 6 days ago

All I can think of when I see these, is highschool.

TheShaft - 1 week ago

These are always so ridiculous. lol

Larry - 1 week ago

This should have been named "Little girl chases mirror up the stairs."

Chandler - 1 week ago

How'd you get a picture of my amp???

Exegesis - 1 week ago

there is a gif of this some were on hual

Larry - 1 week ago

things that never happened

Larry - 1 week ago

I love these lol

Rob Wilco - 1 week ago

that is hilarious, that dog just slides left.

Rob Wilco - 1 week ago

It's creepy how much of what we see online and on tv every day is carefully crafted to shape our perception of reality.

tr3nx - 1 week ago

bf2 mod